Struggling with Sales? Need more clients?

With every sales professional calling themselves a “coach”, it is hard to know who is the real deal. But with twenty years of sales experience in every sales position, I have a deep understanding of the business. I have also been blessed to partner with some of the leading global companies-- Samsung, Microsoft, Coca-Cola — with whom I was a top revenue producer (1%-5%). I am confident that I gathered resources and techniques that can completely transform your processes… and your bank account will thank you.


6 figure success club meetup

The purpose of this meetup is to support, show-case, stimulate, motivate, educate and inspire entrepreneurs in Hillsborough County and beyond. We are specially focused on building successful solopreneurs, i.e. one man businesses. Our goal is to help them rapidly grow into successful, profitable 6 figure plus businesses that serve the world, and make it a better place.


A forum for ladies to share their story and goals. This a club for us to hold each other accountable to live your goals, dream, and destiny This is also a place for you to announce your events and connect with community.


Are you making  less than $250,000 a year in revenue? Building a service based business and willing to invest in yourself and your future? Then join us for Top 6 Mastermind!